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When the car was moving along the desolate road that led to a nearby town where doctors were required for the victims of the guerrillas, the flash of an explosion surprised a few meters ahead. A bazooka had hit the target of a trailer that was carrying food to a town that the guerrillas wanted to boycott. This experience as a volunteer of Doctors without Borders, is one of many that Dr. Iñigo has experienced throughout his training in orthopedics and sports medicine starting at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1985 following the subspecialty of knee in the Center Hospitaliere de Bellevue in Saint Etienne in France in 1990. During this time, in his training he lived unique experiences such as the birth of the Inti Fada in Israel,

Subsequently, Dr. Iñigo pursues a Doctorate at the Complutense University of Madrid presenting the thesis of meniscus repair in humans with radio frequency application, a technique developed by himself and which received an honorable mention Cum Laudem at this University in 2006. Creditor to several National and international research awards, he has belonged to international journals as part of the Editorial committee at the level of MedScape, Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, Cartilage, International orthopedics, Revista Mexicana de Ortopedia y Traumatología, Orthopedics etc., among others. research, has published more than thirty papers where he reports two new syndromes in orthopedics, synovial entrapment and joint dysphoria. He has developed new techniques with instruments, continues to research and develop in the field of preparing the patient from the immunological point of view for surgery. With the above, allowing surgical stress to be better overcome with more expectations of success through the prescription of deitic and nutritional factors which stimulate the body’s own defenses. He has more than 28 years of experience in knee surgery.

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Rafael Inigo Pavlovich, MD- Guest Editor

Dr. Pavlovich is the recipient of national honors from several countries, including Mexico, his homeland, and the United States; the author of many influential articles published in prestigious journals as well as member of the editorial board of several major Journals such as Arthroscopy, International Orthopedics, Archives of Orthopedics and trauma surgery, J. of Knee surgery, Orthopedics, Acta Orthop Mexicana, etc.; and the winner of several research prizes, including a National Science and Technology award. In addition to his accomplishments as a scientist, Dr. Pavlovich continues to initiate cutting-edge developments in orthopedic surgery. His favourite area of research is the use of Radio frequency pulses in Meniscal Healing

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